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GZ Live Performance for the "Feed a Smile" Kids------   Click to View "Feed A Smile"

GZ Live Performance and Interview on ""------   Click to View "Live N' Kickin"

GZ Live Performance and Interview on "Kaek's O's "------   Click to View "Kaek's O's Episode 1"

GZ Live Performance and Interview on "Amped Tv"------ Click to View GZ on "Amped Tv"

GZ in Second Life Review------   Click to View GZ's Review

GZ Live Performance at "Moonacy Writer's Session"------   Click to View GZ at Moonacy

GZ and Friends Live Performance at Key West Resort and Marina------   Click to View GZ and Friends

GZ and Big Joe Live Performance------   Click to View "Straight Up"

GZ and TwinGhost's Live Duet of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"------   Click to View GZ and TG Duet

GZ, Big Joe, and Clint Live Performance of "RudeBwoy (Parental Discretion)"------   Click to View "RudeBwoy"

GZ Live Performance of "No Woman No Cry"------   Click to View "No Woman No Cry"